We take pride in our villas…

Vacationing in Florida, particularly central Florida, the home of Disney, Universal, Seaworld, and more, is all about family vacation. Spending time together, creating memories that will last forever, doing things with friends and family that remind us what it is all about.

A home base is what you need. A real home base, that for the time you spend there, you can call your own … with your own personal pool to splash around in and your own lounger to stretch out and enjoy the sun. Refreshments and food from your own fridge … and no multi-figure check to sign at the end of the day. Did we mention privacy? Walk around as you like when you like, the dress code is all yours. Feel like going out for dinner? There are almost endless choices around you, all within a stone’s throw. Want to be more casual? Just throw something on the grill and dinner is served.

Villa vacationing has been very popular in the Caribbean and Europe for many years. The advantages of cost effectiveness, personal choices, privacy and family orientation are well recognized and have been for years.

Regent Vacation Villas & Property Management is a highly principled Company that strives very hard to make every vacationer’s visit everything they had dreamed it would be. All our villas are privately owned, but managed and maintained by us. Every villa is kept to the highest standard, and our staff are always available to deal with any questions or concerns a guest may have.

All villas have screened-in pools with pool heat available should the time of year dictate. All have Wi-Fi. The villa sizes range from 3 bedroom to 6 bedroom with many in between so we should have something to please everyone.

Each villa is unique, so half the fun is deciding which one you want, what is most important? How close is it to the parks? Does it have a games room? How about the pool deck? Can we fit 10 active teenagers on it? This is where we can help you, making sure your needs and the features of any particular villa match up, including your budget. So please get in touch, 407-403-6430, or email us at info@disneyvillas2go.com, and start your memory book by staying in a well maintained villa managed by a company you can trust.

Villa vs Hotel Hotel Villa
Bathrooms Everyone shares a bathroom All of our villas have 2 to 5 bathrooms
Beds Standard size beds At least one king or queen size bed
Pets Most have strict no pet rules. Some of our villas are pet friendly; your dogs and cats are welcome!
Hidden Charges Often extra charges, taxes, deposits, etc. There are no hidden fees, only a refundable security deposit.
Ownership Owned by a large company with the bottom line in mind. Privately held homes; individuals take great pride in their residences.